Error while proxying request: connect ECONNREFUSED ::1:1313

Trying to deploy a local preview of however there are two issues:

  1. The server deploys, but the error message mentioned in the topic get displayed when trying to access the server at localhost:8888

  2. If I shut down the server, there is an indefinite issue with the following message and the server will never again be ready unless I reboot:

Hugo 0.82.1
Netlify-CLI 8.10.2
node 17.4.0
npm 8.3.1

That’s the problem:

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Another temp workaround is if I remove ::1 localhost from /etc/hosts. Not ideal, but the servers starts up fine and proxy requests run perfect through the server. Is there a way to disable IPv6 in netlify server?

Hey @danielramirez0,

Thank you for that workaround. Not sure about IPv6, but I think you can add it in that issue and that might give more insights to the developers.