Error: website down due to too many redirects

Hey guys,

Having a few issues with / . Although I only changed the primary domain to be the non-www version the whole site is now down and showing the error “ redirected you too many times.”.

I do not have a _redirects file and I have not added or edited the htaccess file in any way. I have also tried deleting the domains + Netlify DNS with it and readding it all. My site was working right before this change so this leads me to believe it is something on Netlify’s end that is causing this as I simply changed the primary domain in the Netlify dashboard.

Any and all advice is much appreciated, thank you!

You’ve a different service between you and Netlify:

that’s causing issues. Please reach out to them. As you can see, your Netlify site: Curating tools for developers, designers, and makers ( is working fine.