From OVHcloud to Netlify DNS: Too many redirects error

Hello, I’m having my Netlify site named:

  • I purchased my domain name: via OVH and delegated it to Netlify.

  • When I’m trying to load the page, I’m getting the ‘ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS’ error returned.

  • I already added 4 DNS records recommended by Netlify to DNS section within OVH:

  • Here are all my DNS records listed within OVH:

  • The problem is also that for some reason the primary domain is set to ‘’ without the ‘www’ and the redirection one to ‘’. For some reason I can’t change it and assign the ‘www’ as the main domain.

Can you please check what causes the issue and why my app can’t be set to ‘www’ address? is not using Netlify DNS

$ dig NS	4502	IN	NS	4502	IN	NS

Perhaps this help article from OVH will help

I also suggest reading

Should I remove these 2 ( and from the OVH DNS list?

You should follow the instructions OVH provides for editing name servers for a domain registered via them.

Ok, I already set proper DNS within the DNS Servers section, however I received the following notification and my app’s still not working:

DNS propagation takes time. loads for me but without SSL. Once Netlify’s system verifies the name servers have changed it will automatically generate a certificate.

Ok, seems like now I just have to wait then. Many thanks for your help!