Error: Unauthorized? Resetting access tokens?

I (seemingly randomly) have begun getting this ‘error: unauthorized’ issue when trying to deploy. Message boards say I should update my auth token.

    ■ CDN diffing files... ›   Warning: TextHTTPError: 401
 ›   Warning: 
 ›   TextHTTPError: Unauthorized
TextHTTPError: Unauthorized
    at parseResponse (~/dev/starter-gatsby-blog/node_modules/netlify/src/methods/response.js:12:11)

(This is the error message response to my attempts at ‘netlify deploy’)

Netlify’s docs say “Save the new token as a NETLIFY_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable in your terminal settings.”

What terminal settings? Where do I put this thing? Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, @jacobtperez, there was a service indent at the time this was posted:

My best guess is the error above was related to that incident. If so, it should have stopped when the incident was resolved.

Are you still seeing this error? If so, please send us a link to the deploy logs for this site and we’ll research what is happening.