Error Deploying

Got this error when trying to deploy my build using npm. Click the link to see the deploy log. Thanks in advance for any help! Ihave already cleaned cache in cmd in my visual studio code, then deleted node_modules and package-lock.json then did npm install, pushed to git master branch and tried to deploy to only get this error again.

Build log can be found here: Https://

Hey! Apologies in advance for the following copy/paste response. If I don’t clear anything up and/or your problem persists, please do reply.

This build may have failed because of the introduction of an unplanned change to builds in the last 24 hours. In your failed deploy log, you may see the line: Treating warnings as errors because process.env.CI = true

Basically, this change would mean that your site won’t deploy if there’s warnings. Although we plan to introduce this in some capacity in the future, like most other CI platforms already have, now wasn’t the time and we’ve rolled this back.

TL;DR: if you re-deploy your site now, it should work! If not, please reply.