Error : 412

Hi everybody!

I have a very curious error on a page:

This page:

    {{ visit }}


async asyncData ({ route })  { 
    const {
      data: {
    } = await visitsApi.getVisitInfos(route.params.slug)
    return {

And during my build script (no error):

// Generate Visits Pages
  const { data: visits } = await axios.get(VISITS_URL.getVisitesForGenerate)
  visits.forEach((visit: any) => {
    const visitSlug = visit.slug
    //const visitDates = visit.dates
      route: `visites/${visitSlug}`,
      payload: visit

Theses two endpoints are ok. On the page, i see data displaying, and suddenly disappear…

I noticed in my console this error, which seems to appear right when my visit variable is deleted. => 412

I don’t know if there is any connection…

Thanks a lot!

hmmm that’s weird. I think this is an issue with your code. Can you please provide your repo? Debugging is out of the realm of support but perhaps someone can chime in regarding this. Also, I recommend you give this guide a read, it may help. [Support Guide] Debugging Netlify site builds

Ok thanks.

And for this error: => 412

Have you any idea?

Hi @pit07, i have no clue but I suspect there might be something in your code. I will leave this thread open for others to chime.