Error: "Another site is already using this domain"

I own the domain and successfully deployed a site using netlify. Since I could not find that site on the list on my account any more I created a new one ( When I tried to add my domain to that site I got the following error:

Another site is already using this domain

In order to track down the cause of the problem I recreated an old account that I deleted before to check if that was blocking the domain but I could not find the site there neither.

Is there any way that I can delete or recover my old site that is blocking my domain?

If you deleted the account where the domain was present, it may be a case of waiting a little while for this to propagate.

If this is still a problem after a couple of days, please reach out to us again.

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Hey Jan - our service cannot handle two sites configured with the same name so you’ll need to pick one or the other. I know you couldn’t find the other but it is still configured for your login that uses capital J and N at gmx , and once logged in with that login, you’ll find it here:

Hey Chris, thank you for looking into this. Unfortunately that link gives me a “Page not found” even if I am logged in with said account. That account has only one site on it: But there are no custom domains listet for that site.

Then you are not in fact logged in with that account, Jan. I see the site you mention as belonging to LOWERCASE J+N.