Error Accessing Webmail

Good day

I hosted my website ( on Netlify using my domain purchased elswhere and i also add the MX record on Netlify in order to send/recieve emails.

But right now my cients could not access their emails through webmail, when they visit the following page it always showing error. Visit the page to verify cPanel Redirect.

Can you advise on how to rectify the issue.

Hi @Platform,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to Netlify Support Forums!

This Support Guide may help you with resolving the issue with email not working:

There’s a section specifically about email.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Good day
I really appreciate your response, I have done all the requirements stipulated in the guide above earlier before now. My website ( loads well and my clients can send and receive emails successfully.

The only issue is that my clients cant access email through webmail url i.e cPanel Redirect when tried it shows 404 Error

What is he solution this sort of challenge

I guess you’d need to ask your webmail provider; that is some other service that is causing the problem since Netlify does not have mail service.

Have you confirmed that your redirects are set up right for the site to send your visitors to the right place? I don’t see any on your site, and you’d have to configure one to connect to your mail service, using this feature on our platform: