Embeding a spline animation

Hello! I recently created a personal static page that included an embedded spline animation using the <iframe> tag in the HTML document, when I run the site from my local files the animation loads immediately, but when the site is deployed it takes almost 10 minutes to show on my page, is there anything I’m doing wrong while deploying?

I would appreciate any suggestions!

edit: I just noticed that the content that’s inside the <iframe> tag load immediately when I inspect the element.

Hey @Ethodeus

Can you share the site in question?

Sure! Here it is:


Is this the animation?

Nope, that’s weird, the animation should be like this:

Also, I noticed that sometimes it loads normally, but most of the time I have to inspect the element to see the animation.

I saw that straight away. I did not do anything automatically (was it meant too?) but it does move when I click and drag it.

That’s odd, I have tried several devices here and it has never shown that image. I have no idea why that is showing on your end, I’ll check with Spline to see if the issue is on their end, thanks!

This is what I see on page load.

And then I can drag it around

It is loading more consistently now.

Maybe I just needed to wait for the site to work correctly, maybe with these kinds of elements it takes some time for netlify to get them working right.

I’ll leave it like that for now, thanks for your help!

As it is loading from another site, the loading of it is nothing to do with Netlify.

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Hello, I’m Facing the same problem, any solution ??

What site are you asking about, @chihahoui10?

Also, based on the previous discussion, this is not a Netlify issue.