Email is invalid

I tried signing up with a Simple Login email but your system says, email is invalid.

We do not allow the use of disposable (AKA anonymous) email services to sign-up for Netlify. This is the reason for the message.

Please use a different email address if you want to create an account.

Hello, my account was suspended for no valid reason and all my projects all this year’s are no longer accessible alongside my portfoliođŸ˜„.

Hi, can you try to login again and you should see a link that says “appeal suspension” please do so.

I have did what you asked me to do, still the same

I have done as you says and still nothing.

Please help me unsuspend my account ASAP, most of my projects are assignments and the latest one is a capstone project which I had submitted.

Hi, our VP of security has specifically reviewed your account and unfortunately we cannot enable your account as the risk for potential fraud is too high.

You can read more about our stance on this below.