Eleventy + Netlifycms add Pages

Hello Community,

I want to create a “Parent Page” which should be empty and have a body field in the cms.

So that i can create static sites over the CMS.

So the Problem is, i dont think this should be gonna work because of the .md files? I created also a blog module and everything works as it should.

Any workaround? I want to build a Project for ppl, who are not developers.

Welcome to Netlify Community!

Based on your description, this doesn’t seem to be Netlify related but moreso Eleventy related.
Can you provide us with a GitRepo and a thorough explanation of what you want to do and we’ll try to help you get there.


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Hey there, I had a similar issue when I was building my personal site. I wanted to create pages and dynamic content on each of those pages. I created a “template” on my github and described the process in my medium article to get mine working:

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Thank you for sharing this @kleveland, People like you help make Netlify Community great! :grinning:

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No problem, the possibilities with Netlify CMS is vast and I hope to keep expanding upon my “template” :slight_smile: If anyone has any issues with the template, please let me know.

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Are the editor previews meant to work because I’m getting nothing.

Hey Sorry guys for not responding. I got it to work. But thanks for the replies and thanks @kleveland

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The editor previews are something that are on my list; they do not work currently unfortunately :frowning:
@pottz91 Good to hear.

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