Git CMS missing documentation

I’m trying to configure Netlify Create to work with an 11ty project. Since it uses dirs of .md files, Git CMS seems like the best fit. I’m met with the error “You haven’t configured how content models map to page URLs”, but according to the GIT CMS docs page, I have. The error’s “Find out how” button then redirects me to a doc that says: “This section applies to sites using Content Source Interface See below for information on file-based content”. Only that section below doesn’t exist, it’s a dead link.

Is what I’m attempting to do still supported? Are there any demo repos with actual, working examples anywhere? There seem to be a whole load of places in the docs that haven’t quite caught up to Netlify CMS becoming Decap, so I’m starting to think I’m following documentation that’s no longer accurate.

If you’re looking for Decap CMS (formerly Netlify CMS), you’re looking at the wrong place. Decap docs are here: Decap CMS | Open-Source Content Management System

perhaps this is what you’re looking for: Use Git CMS with Netlify Create | Netlify Docs

can you share the link to the docs you’re getting in Netlify Create?