Edit content on Netlify hosted site

I realize that this is quite a dumb question but for the life of me, I cannot figure this one out.

I migrated the “hosting” of all my sites to Netlify a few years back and didn’t really change any of the content that shows up on my domains (e.g. emp80.org). Now that I want to make a change, I cannot figure out where is the content being served from when someone hits my Netlify hosted sites/domain(s). Within Netlify’s UI, I don’t see an option for “current” site management.

Any pointers are appreciated.


hi nitin,

generally the way Netlify works is that we trigger a deploy from a git repo that is hosted somewhere - such as github, bitbucket, gitlab, so then the content would be in that repo. The general workflow would be to edit, add the files to git, commit, push, which should trigger a redeploy.

if you did a manual (drag n drop) deploy, then no repo is involved. If you no longer have the files that you deployed via drag n drop, you can download a copy of your site:

to make changes, you’d either drag n drop “over” the existing one, or, you’d set up a git repo, and commit/push to trigger a redeploy.

Does that make sense?

Super, thanks so much. It does help indeed!

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