Edge function fails on images

Not sure what to do here. I’ve disabled edge_cdn with NEXT_DISABLE_EDGE_IMAGES as an .env variable thinking it would fix the issue, but no luck.

I’m using Next JS 13 with /app directory. Any advice would be great!

FWIW my project builds locally

Hi @bursteways,

Could you share the site name?



I was able to deploy it to vercel with no code changes.

Thanks @bursteways We’ll have our developers take a closer look and follow up with you as soon as we know more.

Hi @bursteways,

You can keep an eye on this issue: Bug: `appDir` applications can have `dataRoute: null` · Issue #1940 · netlify/next-runtime · GitHub

Hey, installing the @netlify/plugin-nextjs package into my project solved the issue for:

thanks for sharing your solution! :sparkles: