/_next/image returns 500 error

The edge function log is empty:

No results found for **next/image handler**

All images on site return 500
It was working well two days ago. The build is running on GitHub action
Site ID: 9a53a75a-845d-4d68-89fc-a37541fe92ba

The issue is related to I am getting 500 error on my next js application without changing any code - #4 by taraktikos
I tried to remove middleware but it seems like all edge functions stopped working


Same problem for me, yesterday suddenly the site stopped working.
What worked for me is turning off the NEXT_FORCE_EDGE_IMAGES

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I’ve encountered the same issue and while your solution works, the problem now is that my images will be in a wrong format. So i’m hoping a fix is coming soon.

Absolutely, image optimization is not working this way, so we need an actual solution, but for the moment a at least it’s not 500 error.

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Same problem over here ,this happend overnight randomly while everything used to work just fine!

I also temporarily solved the image issue with NEXT_DISABLE_EDGE_IMAGES: true flag. But middleware still doesn’t work

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for me disabling the edge images worked aswell

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We were trying to roll-out some changes, but the service we use to feature-flag items is causing some hiccups. As soon as we noticed the issue, we have paused the roll-out, so everything should be working as expected right now, and are investigating what went wrong and how to prevent it.