NextJS Image Timeout

Issue: Experiencing NextJS Image Timeout

Replication steps:

  1. Visit this link -

Image to load as normal

The image is not loading, and logs report it timing out.

Hi @kbgfed

Did this started to happen out of the blue or always timed out for this particular image?

The image itself seems rather large so it takes a while to process.

One thing you could try is falling back to the former way that our plugging handles image processing, by disabling Edge Functions:

Setting the environment variable NEXT_DISABLE_EDGE_IMAGES to TRUE

Hope this helps!

It was definitely working perfectly fine before for a good few months. I upgraded the NextJS plugin and even upgraded my account as I thought that might help, but I still experience the same issue.

Thanks, disabling edge images seems to have fixed it.

Glad to hear that!

If anything else pops up let us know!

Happy coding