NextJS Image not loading and results in timeout

Hi, I noticed some issues with images in a Next.js project hosted on Netlify. I use next/image for it and the images are hosted on cloudinary. Locally there is no problem, but in production the images are getting a timeout error.


Full error message:
“2023-08-15T17:40:28.344Z f5227b62-421c-4060-a8e7-bf6f5d790b1b Task timed out after 10.01 seconds”

I know about the 10sec limit, but I can’t imagine the image takes more than 10sec to load. Also tried setting the environment variable NEXT_DISABLE_EDGE_IMAGES to TRUE, but it didn’t work (read it here: NextJS Image Timeout)

I’m not seeing any image on your website right now. Can you share where we can reproduce the issue?

Oops, my fault! The netlify domain isn’t whitelisted by the CMS. So I’ve to send the actual domain: App - Koios

Your images seem to be hosted on Cloudinary. You probably need to disable IPX: netlify/next-runtime: The Next.js Runtime allows Next.js to run on Netlify with zero configuration (

I did that, created a new deploy and the issue is still there unfortunately. Keep in mind, that even if the images are hosted at cloudinary, the website still uses next/image. Not sure if that makes any difference

I don’t see the DISABLE_IPX environment variable in your site settings. Have you set that?

Weird, I did set that but it was gone indeed. Tried it once more, it should be set now. But the issue is still there.

Checking this, they mention you might need to configure a loader OR switch to a different package. This came from Cloudinary docs: Integrating Cloudinary with Next.js | Cloudinary