Dynamic next js routes do not work


We are deploying a next.js website and we’re getting a timeout on all dyanimc routes.
So if we add a page at pages/test/[urlParam].js we get a timeout error when trying to access it.
We are using the next js runtime and I can see that the page is correctly picked during the build process and assigned to the netlify_handler function but it doesn’t work from there.

We need a site to check.


Just FYI, deploying the same project on vercel works flawlessly
Currently considering to move there if there is no solution in sight here, we’ve already spent a few days trying to debug this prior to posting

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Thanks, I checked the URL and that’s not something we can debug. It’s you who can add some more logs as explained here: [Support Guide] Why is my function taking long or timing out? to find out to root cause.