Drag-and-drop upload (with account). Possible to modify files without GIT or the special app?

I have looked around but it seems the website is providing no way to view/modify/delete the files. It only had GIT, and I guess, seeing some of the search results, I could use a special command-line app to do that. Isn’t there any way to use just the web browsers to do those things?

I mean, something like drag-and-drop modified directory again to overwrite previously uploaded directory? I tried that, but it created a new website (now I have two). I guess I could delete the previous one and rename the new one to the previous name, but that sounds cumbersome. Nothing like an FTP or web-based file manager like the good old webhosting sites?

@gtaerwae Nope, just the ultra-convenient auto-deploy from a git source, and the drag-n-drop ZIP file. The ZIP file has to be your entire site, but you can over-write an existing site by using the drag-n-drop area at the bottom of the deploys page.

If you want a web-based file manager, there’s always Netlify CMS.

So, I had to use the “Deploys” tab… I was trying to find such function in Settings -> Build & Deploy.

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