Domain Name Purchased Through Netifly Not Deploying Under New URL

Hi Everyone,

My website is, currently, it is deployed on I purchased the new domain name through netifly however am having problems getting the website to deploy through the new domain name.

I’m attaching below two images which show my DNS details and details of the site. Is there anything I am missing for why the site is not deploying under the new url?

Many Thanks, Shaan

Welcome to the forums @ShaanAu

When did you purchase the domain? Given the message, Waiting on DNS propagation I might think recently. DNS propagation isn’t instant it takes minutes, hours, or days.

I think you just need a little patience all everything will get sorted :slight_smile:

Hi @coelmay, I brought the domain name about 1 week ago now. Will let you know if waiting makes a difference :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @ShaanAu

If you bought it a week ago and added it to your site, DNS should have propagated by now. Sounds like something isn’t quite right.


This is happening because the NETLIFY records are missing:

Did you delete them by mistake?

I’ve restore them already, let us know if this is not working properly!