“{domain name} or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team.”

Hello Netlify team!

I recently started transfering my website from heroku over to netlify and got the error that I put in the title

I went ahead and followed the steps from this guide and looking for next steps!

I did also completly remove the app from Heroku before getting to this step.

Would love help with getting my domain setup!

Can you please confirm that the domain is edgarcodes.com?

Yes! edgarcodes.com is my domain.

Let me know if you need anything else!

Hi, @ecarrillo046. That domain (edgarcodes.com) is free for use now but not due to any changes anyone at Netlify made.

In other words, I’m guessing that you (or someone else using Netlify) removed this domain from some other site or account before anyone on the Netlify support team took action.

However, if you still see errors adding this domain to your sites or DNS zones at Netlify, please feel free to reply here anytime and we’ll keep working until this is resolved.