Domain forwarding (i think)

Hi there!
I have little to no experience here but i’m trying my best to help out my mother.
She has the domain name that she does not want to use for a website. Instead, she wants to the domain to redirect the visitor to her instagram page.
Is there any way to set up this redirect in an easy way? To be clear, i want to point to
I have changed the DNS to point to Netlify, so that should be solved.

Hello @Holm11 , thanks for posting.
In your project root folder for the site, kindly create a netlify.toml file and then use the code below for the redirect. Replace with your mom’s instagram url. After you are done kindly redeploy for the changes to take effect.

    from = "/*"
    to = ""
    status = 301
    force = true

Let me know if it works and you are able to redirect. Thanks.
Hope this helps.

Thank you so much!
I’m pretty sure that i got it working!


@Holm11, you are welcome. I’m glad I was able to help.
Once you visit the domain and it is redirected to the Instagram page, then it means it is working.
If it works and you are satisfied, kindly mark the post as solved to help others in the future who might also want to configure redirects related to your scenario.