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Netlify site name: determined-volhard-b5ce24
My domain: www.ratedbenjamin.com

My redirect rules are deployed without errors (I checked the summary) however, it is not operable. I was informed that the simples redirect is as such:

/dating /music

And this would make anyone who clicks on ratedbenjamin.com/dating end up on <link removed - no mature content is allowed in these forums>

This is not the case however, so I am initially asking what am I missing or not doing correctly for that function to work?

I do not use react, gatsby, GitHub nor do I want to.

And direct information will be greatly appreciated thanks,

I just opened your link and got redirected fine.

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Wow you’re right! You’re the greatest, thanks for troubleshooting this with me. Would you know how to make both these pages accessible only after payment? (Ex, PayPal)

How to ‘authorize’ I think is what I’m explaining

hi @MM6th - that is a big question! you might look into something like Identity or even like a 3rd party solution like Auth0.

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I’m somewhat familiar with identity and would love to keep it in-house (netlify) for auth0 kind of confused me. I’ll revisit identity shortly, thanks! :pray:t4:

If you’re fine with manually changing the status of people who have paid, you can easily get this done with Netlify Identity and Role based redirects. There are various docs and guides regarding it.

I’m not 100% sure if you can automate it though, automate as in the system will automatically allow them to access the page. If that’s a requirement, maybe you’re better off with a 3rd party solution like what @perry suggested.

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Ah I see, there’s a difference! Ok I don’t mind beginning manually as my site is still in its infancy stage, then I’ll gather the strength to go back into auth0. Hopefully I’ll get it right this time. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I have new trouble. The redirect works from my mobile and only when I click the link from here. I don’t understand

I can’t even access it from here like I did before.

Is the redirects file till present?

Yes in the same exact way it was before

Did you have the dating page before when the redirect was working?

Yes. It’s the same link you clicked when stating it worked fine for you

Try forcing the rule. /dating /music 301!

To no avail is the pathway working again

I just opened your link and got redirected fine.

I just did the same; however from my the link in the forum when on my mobile device only. When attempting from my desktop I have no success. I’m not sure what’s happening.

Try a different browser or clearing your cache.

Neither worked when applying on chrome, and safari

Well I don’t know what more to suggest. It’s working fine for me on all my devices and working fine for you on your phone too. It’s definitely some kind of a local issue with your device sadly.

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