Does pointing an A record to Netlify disrupt any other DNS settings with original host?

Hey sorry if this is obvious but I just need to double check as I’m making changes to a client’s DNS settings! I am trying to host a simple page hosted on Netlify on my client’s domain. Their domain is owner and managed by Bluehost.

Ideally, I don’t want to change their name servers and have to transfer across all their DNS settings to Netlify.

If I configure to use their custom domain with Netlify hosting according to this guide, where I just create the main A record and point it to Netlify, will this disrupt any of the other DNS settings related to their marketing/mailing already set up in their DNS settings on Bluehost?

Thank you for the education on DNS! I appreciate your time and help.

No, setting an A record (or CNAME for a subdomain) should have no impact on any other DNS records.