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Does Netlify block selenium based Automation testing?

I’m running Selenium tests on my Netlify site and it seems to get random erros (or get errors that does not occur when checking manually.

I read Netlify has built-in automation blocks/suspicious activities. Is it possible to turn the potection off for a while? How can I avoid this issue.

Perhaps 4.8 of the Terms of Use Agreement might come into play here @Dinal_K

  1. You must not perform any benchmark tests or analyses relating to Netlify’s Website or Services without express permission of Netlify.

@coelmay any idea how do we get the permission from Netlify? I have written to Netlify and awaiting their response.

Not something I have attempted to undertake @Esha_Rao. I will endeavour to get input from Netlify Support.

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Hi @Esha_Rao,

We generally don’t allow starter tier customers to do ay kind of testing against Netlify-deployed websites. I can ask the team about this, but my advise would be to test as much as you want to locally and deploy on Netlify - the behaviour should be identical in most cases.

Hi @Esha_Rao,

I checked and the tests you mentioned in the helpdesk:

We run regression tests to check if:

  1. The elements present or not
  2. Frontend data consistencies
  3. Icons functional behaviour e.g. sorting option working, ascending descending order etc
  4. Links check - if links are opening the right pages etc

should not be a problem.

So with that part cleared out, could you please mention what errors you’re getting?

Hi @hrishikesh , thanks for getting back to me. “Network Error” on login page, if I re-attempt to sign in, it gets through. No noticeable pattern. Checked my logs there seems to be no error in the backend traffic.

Hi @Esha_Rao,

Yes, I read that in the helpdesk. But, what kind of a network error? Is there a screenshot or something?

Hi @hrishikesh
Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 4.10.41 PM
Please find attached the screenshot for your reference. The timestamp is on IST in case you need to know.

On a separate note, my each test suit is of 60 automated cases average, which takes about avg 1.5 hours to finish, will this pose a challenge? I run this every fortnight.

Note: the error was encountered when I was trying to run 5 tests together.

Hmm, the Network error is being reported by your UI, I suppose?

Do you know what exactly is the error causing it? Maybe you can try and send a HAR file recording of the issue?

As long as you’re testing as you’ve listed above, it should be fine. You need to keep a track of your bandwidth though.