DNS verification failed www.taskoo.in doesn't appear to be served by Netlify

Site : https://taskoo.netlify.app/
I have domain registered at AWS Route 53, I have set up DNS NS record in AWS route 53 as:
name: taskoo.in, value as shown in DNS configuration.

I see a warning icon on DNS configuration.


NS verification failed www.taskoo.in doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify. error in SSL/TLS section.

I have also added CNAME at taskoo.netlify.app in AWS Route 53 records.

What am I missing, please help!

I believe the issue is that you need to decide whether you want the DNS for your website served by Amazon Route 53 or Netlify. You have your name servers set to Netlify, but then you seem to have other DNS entries in Route 53. The easiest way to get this to work is to eliminate Route 53 from the DNS chain, and at your registrar, make your four entries to assign DNS chores to Netlify. Then for any other DNS entries you need to make (such as your Zoho e-mail servers), do those in Netlify.

Once your SOA and name servers both come back as Netlify, a lot of these issues will disappear.

Currently I have these:
MX to zoho, I use zoho mail client.
NS to netfly dns
SOA some aws urls, i do not much understand these. (sorry)
TXT again some zoho url - i added these for mail.
TXT again something for zoho
CNAME to taskoo.netfly.app

Can you please suggest what to do with each. Thank you so much for your support.

@anil.bhaskar Which registrar did you use to buy your domain name?

It is bought at aws route 53.

And there is no option to change/delete SOA. Seems it is set by domain registrar.

@anil.bhaskar Ah, OK. I didn’t know Route 53 also acted as a domain registrar.

The advice remains the same, though. You have to decide whether you want your DNS handled by Route 53 or Netlify. Currently, you have some entries that point to each of these.

To use Netlify DNS, you need to tell Route 53 to assign all DNS tasks (not the registration, just the DNS duties) to Netlify. Splitting your DNS entries in this way is never going to work.

Whichever service you choose for your DNS, all entries have to be made there, with the exception that if you choose Route 53, Netlify will have some DNS entries for internal use, but you won’t have to worry about them.

hi there, is this helpful at all?

Let me try it… thank you @perry and @gregraven

(I love how active this community is… <3)

Hi, @anil.bhaskar, if there are other questions please let us know and we will be happy to answer. :smiley: