AWS Domain NS records pointed to Netlify DNS


I’m trying to point my custom domain hosted on AWS Route53 to Netlify name servers.

My custom domain is and my Netlify site is

I’ve pointed as well as from AWS to the Netlify name servers, however interestingly it only works for and not for

For I always see the warning “Check DNS configuration”.

Another problem I have is that non TLS encrypted requests (i.e. only with http://) I get to another website.
Can you also help me with this issue? (

Thanks in advance!


Hi there,

did you see this guide already?

Hi Perry,

thank you for the link. No, actually I haven’t seen this guide before. Only others which didn’t help me. I’ll try and confirm if it works.

What I’ve done now is added MX records to Netlify DNS to point to the mail servers AWS was previously pointing to.

It works now. thanks for your help!

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