DNS records not deleting, DOWNTIME / URGENT

I need these 2 records deleted ASAP so I can add A records that point to our updated website. This is causing us downtime! I already deleted

Can we add the following records?

A @
A @
CNAME www proxy-ssl.webflow.com

Email zain at pipe dot com with updates - thanks.

This is working as designed, though we understand, not as you’d like. In this case we aren’t really intending to host DNS Zones for people who don’t use our webhosting, as you no longer do for pipe.com, but I understand you were probably not aware of that focus of this product.

I’ve replaced your records as requested, and you can now edit/replace them as desired in our dashboard

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Will it be detrimental to us to use your DNS? If so, we should probably move off right?

Hi, @zallarakpipe, DNS services are certainly not one size fits all and it is true that if your domain isn’t hosted on Netlify we recommend not using our DNS service.

If you do host your domain on Netlify, using Netlify DNS does enable some advanced features:

  • DNS records are created automatically when a custom domain is added to a Netlify site
  • SSL certificates for branch subdomain are updated automatically

However, those same NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 records which are automatically created cannot be deleted in our UI at this time. (Our support team is happy to delete them upon request.) You can relink the domain or subdomain to a new Netlify site and this will work regardless of what the system record says. However, to create an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for the same custom name or subdomain, we must the delete the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 record first.

If you are not hosting your site at Netlify, this downside exists and, because it isn’t hosted with us, there is no upside.