DNS Propagation Issue with Main Domain

Hello Netlify Community,

I’ve encountered a DNS propagation issue with my domain (autoairdrop.io) hosted on Netlify and need some assistance.


I’ve set up multiple subdomains and records on my domain, and while most of them seem to propagate correctly, my main domain (autoairdrop.io) is not resolving at all. Using DNS checkers, I’ve verified that dapp.autoairdrop.io resolves completely across various servers, but autoairdrop.io does not resolve anywhere, even after waiting for over 48 hours since my last DNS record adjustment.

Configuration Details:

What I’ve Tried:

  1. Double-checked my A record for autoairdrop.io in Netlify DNS settings.
  2. Looked into the TTL values to ensure they’re not causing the delay.
  3. Used multiple DNS checkers to verify propagation status.

What I’m Seeking:

  1. Insights into why my main domain might not be propagating while subdomains are.
  2. Recommendations for any configuration changes or steps to hasten the propagation.
  3. Feedback if any other users have faced and resolved a similar issue.

I understand that DNS propagation can sometimes take time, but given the disparity between the main domain and subdomains, I felt it was worth reaching out. Any assistance, tips, or guidance from the community would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

Warm regards,

You’re most definitely not using Netlify DNS:

You’re still using Google DNS.