DNS propagated, still unable to provision SSL certificate


I just switched to Netlify from Google’s App Engine. I copied all relevant DNS records (MX & SPF/DKIM) onto Netlify’s DNS, and then switched the nameservers to Netlify’s.

Everything propagates nicely according to local tests and dnschecker.org. I don’t have any conflicting A of CNAME records, only the defaults.

When I check for Server: Netlify in the response headers, they’re present, so Netlify is effectively serving both www.hansdesmet.be and hansdesmet.be.

Still, I keep getting the following error message for my SSL certificate provisioning:
DNS verification failed

  • hansdesmet.be doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

My netlify URL is hansdesmet.netlify.com. I realize DNS can take a while to propagate, but it’s been over an hour that dnschecker.org is showing Netlify’s nameservers and A records, and still it won’t provision a cert…

Thanks in advance


Hey hans,

it really can take up to 48 hours for DNS to propagate - that might still be what is going on here.

this article might be helpful:

Apologies perry - I’m aware DNS needs replication but since all my dnschecker turned up with the correct nameservers and IP addresses, I was afraid something else went awry. After waiting a couple more hours, the problem dissolved, probably TTL as you said indeed.

Thank you for the quick response, very happy with the Netlify platform, I’ll definitely be using if for more projects!

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