DNS or SSL issues with custom domain

Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could help?

I use Ventra IP for my domain registry and email hosting and have been working with them to redirect my domain to the Netlify DNS.

I have successfully routed email, but cannot get the site to redirect, even after clearing browsing history and clearing the Windows DNS cache.

On firefox and Brave (windows 10) it redirects to Ventra IP, but on firefox mobile (iphone x ios) it says there is an SSL issue, even though two hours ago I viewed it on mobile.

The site is www.chrisbamborough.com, would anyone please be able to take a quick look to see where the problem lies? It may be a DNS updating or SSL certificate updating issue, but it could be something more permanent.


Hi @c.bam.bor.ough! Welcome to netlify community.

What is the name of your site on Netlify? Meaning, the site where you are trying to use the www.chrisbamborough.com domain.

Hi Laura, thanks for replying. The Netlify site is chrisbamborough.netlify.com

I have just cleared the cache and reset my wifi and the SSl certificate is recognized now, all good.


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