DNS not working properly

I have added the A record to my GoDaddy DNS settings per Netlify’s docs (see screenshot) for the Primary domain. Netlify dashboard says it is connected, but the site does not show when typing in the URL azulfc.com

Hi @craig,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m showing this when visiting azulfc.com:

The screenshot you provided shows that there’s an A Record set to Parked.

I see a similar issue in this forum post:

For the azulfc.com domain, there are two A Records:

host azulfc.com
azulfc.com has address
azulfc.com has address
azulfc.com mail is handled by 0 azulfc-com.mail.protection.outlook.com.

You’ll need to remove the A Record pointing to, which is probably the A Record with Parked. You may want to contact Godaddy support for assistance.