DNS not private?

A domain I have with GoDaddy is now pointing to Netlify. When I do a dig on this domain I see my email address displayed. Is there a way to keep my information private?

Well I set up an A record and my email address isn’t displayed anymore. So not an issue anymore. Not sure why no A record makes your information public…

Hi, @ruhlen, I suspect that the issue is not actually resolved and we have an open issue tracking this behavior. As a test, please try making an SOA record lookup for your apex/root domain and I believe you will still see the email address.

We have an open issue tracking this and we’ll update this topic if/when the issue is resolved.

ok, I did that and see you are correct. I think I will revert the DNS update until this is resolved. Thanks!

Thanks for your patience! We got this resolved a few weeks ago for all zones we host, past present and future.