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DNS .eu not supported


i need to set up dns for my gatsby site, i have to use aboutgreen.eu as primary domains but it says .eu domains can’t be registered through Netlify and so SSL/TLS fails also.
Is there any way to get around this problem?


Hi @JohannBoumans,

You could always purchase the domain elsewhere and connect them to a Netlify website. Does that not work?


Thanks for your answer!
it’s a company named cloudbizz that purchase the domain on ovh, i added the domain to netlify and its ok but i can’t have https with TLS let’s encrypt…

It’s because the domain is not pointing to Netlify yet:

If you’re confident you’ve configured it correctly, give it time.

No i didn’t configured it yet because, i remember that for previous project i just added the domain and i could activate https on it before configuring CNAME record and A record, i can see the same on gatsby cloud https is activated before configuration…
So if i put the CNAME and A record then i just need to wait to have SSL?


Yes, it’s always been like that at least on Netlify. You need to configure the DNS before you can get SSL activated.

Thank you so much for your help! i though it could be done before…

Have a good day!


Hello again,

When i gave the CNAME and A records to the company that responsible of the domains, they told me that it was not possible to link the A record because there was no aboutgreen.eu… So it was not possible to configure the domain even if i added the domain on netlify


Hi @JohannBoumans,

I’m not sure if I’m understanding your situation here. It looks like you haven’t purchased the domain and want to connect it to Netlify?

No, its a bit weird, we have the domain but when i add it to netlify, the guy of Cloudbizz that takes care of configure it said me he couldn’t add the A record because no dns aboutgreen.eu is on netlify… I know you are right because i tried with another domain .eu of a friend this week end and everything works fine…
So i don’t know what to do because with another domain it works

DNS is still in ovh.net

$ dig +short aboutgreen.eu NS

Are you trying to configure your domain to use Netlify DNS, or configure your domain to use external DNS while pointing to a site hosted on Netlify?

It seems your site is currently hosted on Fastly (or another service using Fastly’s network.)

It’s because i hosted it on gatsby cloud now, but tomorrow i will need to try again on netlify ! I’m just trying to use aboutgreen.eu wich was bought on ovh, just adding CNAME and A record like i did for other sites before. I thought it was a problem with netlify that couldn’t support .eu but now i think it’s a problem with the guy who i am talking with. I have a call with him tomorrow to try again, i can’t add CNAME and A by myself…

Thanks for your help!

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