Display total pageviews on pages with netlify-analytics?

Can I display the stats of analytics, such as number pageviews for the posts in a blog? I am searching the documents and tutorials for assistance, no luck yet. The site is powered by Jekyll at this moment.

hi wolfgang, are you currently signed up for netlify analytics, or is this something you are trying to clarify before you sign up? :slight_smile:

Hi perry, trying to figure out before making the swap. Migration of the site to netlify is underway.

Wolfgang, you can find all of the basic information on analytics here:

And to answer your question, yes, you’ll be able to see pageviews on blog posts (and any other page) for the last 30 days.

If you have any other questions, let us know!

To clarify here: In my Analytics page, I can only see the page view count for pages if they appear in the top 15 pages for the period.

Part of my use case is to be able to confirm a low request rate for some pages which should not be getting lots of requests, and I’m not sure how to do this at the moment.

Is there a way to see the pageviews for a specific page?

Follow up question: are downloads of files counted as page views? I’ve got PDF reports that people download and I’d like to know the number of requests.

If this isn’t possible in the paid analytics feature at the moment, I’d be interested to know if there was an API endpoint for requests to a specific path for a period. The analytics API does not seem to be documented.

Thanks for all your work :slight_smile:

Ah, there is no way to see more data than is included there.

We also give analytics (today) on only html pages served.

There is no supported analytics API at present either, though you can of course reverse engineer it as Raymond Camden has done:


…We just don’t promise it will keep working. We’ll probably provide a support API or export method someday, but not someday very soon is my guess.