Developers for Hire

Does this community facilitate connections and networking between highly qualified developers and potential organizations that could use them for serious work? Freelance websites have evolved into low quality work and are largely unusable for developing serious applications.
I can’t find a related topic.
Thanks in advance.

I too am interested in the ideas behind this question — moreso from a ToS standpoint of these forums. Maybe a little in personal interest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@perry could you inform us on this one? :netliheart:


@jonsully sure, I will keep this updated as I find something out. It seems hard, though. Freelance sites seem limited with respect to up and coming new tech resources.

I am trying to find a highly qualified developer and also unsure of where to post in these forums. We are a local news site evaluating the move to a JAM setup, but we need to consult with someone who doesn’t just specialize in one area and can advise on the whole tech stack. Read more: Altamont Enterprise: local news site - Google Docs

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Yes, looking for the same. Netlify is just one piece of the stack, but one I’d like to use as well. Knowledge of the whole stack is needed.