Deploys from webhooks no longer working

I am using webhooks to trigger deploys on updates from Craft CMS, but since last night they’ve started to fail with error “Error enqueueing build.” When I trigger the deploy manually, it works. Why have the webhook triggers stopped working?

The sitename is sheilabird, and the custom URL is

Hi, @studiotreble, the site of the webhook content being sent is the issue. I’m seeing the following error occuring:

Build payload exceeded limit of 140 KB. Please make sure environment variables and/or webhook body don’t exceed this size.

The hook being sent is sending too much data and this prevents the build from ever starting. The solution for this will be to limit what is sent but how exactly to do that with Craft CMS, I don’t know.

If there are other questions or if we can assist with further troubleshooting, please let us know.