Lots of my builds are failing without clear explanation of the reasons

My last 4 builds failed:

When I go to see the reason I only see this:

So how I do ensure that my builds always succeed?

hmm, this a little unexpected. Do you have a netlify site name or API ID so we can look at your account?

yeah, sure, indepth-dev is the website name and 36b02ec1-46b8-4c8a-839d-7ec2802a1d58 API ID

thanks @maxkoretskyi And this is still happening ongoingly?

it’s been happening from time to time for the whole time I’ve been using Netlify

ok, thanks for that. I’ll try and get it in front of someone who can tell us more.

Hi, @maxkoretskyi. There is an error happening internally with some build which triggered by a webhook with a large payload.

For example, this deploy had an environment which was about 150KB in size. The solution for this will be to send a smaller payload. We currently see issue at about 90KB so we would recommend making the payload size smaller than 80KB to avoid this issue.

We do have an open issue to address as well. If/when issue is known to be resolved we’ll topic an update in this topic to let you know about it.

If there are other questions about this issue, please let us know.

Just a head’s up, we’ve improved the logging surrounding this issue. At least now you’ll know if your env vars’ total size is too large!