Deploy failing. Cant find the issue


my deployment is failing. Maybe someone can tell me why this is happening.

Deploy crashing in: info - Generating static pages (0/80)

Before you ask I already tried to change the build command.

Deploy LOG:

Thank you in advance!

Hey @oblodev

Screenshots of deploy logs, especially when they do not show the error, make it impossible to assist in debugging.

Can you please post either a) the link to a deploy log, or b) the content of the deploy log inside a code block

If you can also provide a link to a public git repository, this may also assist in debugging.

thank you for your answer.

Link to deploy log:

The only issues I see are the two Warnings about using <Image /> in place of <img> which are ignored if CI=false. Other than that, I see nothing indicating the source of the error.

Happy to flag this for investigation by Netlify Support who will have access to further information from their build systems.

I started a new deployment:

New Deploy Log:

Could be the Warning: data for page β€œ/kryptowaluta/[id]” (path β€œ/kryptowaluta/tron”) is 135 kB which exceeds the threshold of 128 kB, this amount of data can reduce performance.

the Issue?

Hof often is Netlify fetching the data from the API in deployment?

The data i was fetching from the API was to big.


Thank you for coming back and letting us know. We appreciate it!