Firing Build via webhook immediately exits unexpectedly

I’m working on a CraftCMS / Gatsby build, today I decided to setup the webhooks to build the site when content is saved in the CMS. I setup the webhook following a combo of Netlify and CraftCMS docs using the CraftCMS Webhooks plugin. I see the webhook fire and a build is started in Netlify but it just immediately exits without trying to build the site, I can open the deploy and restart it from the Netlify dashboard and it will build then. If I commit via Github it works fine it just does absolutely nothing when it gets the webhook from Craft.

Not really sure what to do here since there’s no logs or errors, it just doesn’t work.

7:38:35 PM: Build ready to start
7:38:37 PM: Build exited unexpectedly

That’s peculiar. I don’t see anything really obvious on our end. Could you try re-creating your build hook and see if that helps?