Deployment working on desktop but not on mobile

Hello, my deployed MERN stack app seems to be working correctly on desktop, but on Mobile it only shows elements that don’t depend on communication with backend.
This is the deployed link:

I cannot share any logs, as I can’t access them on mobile. I tried connecting my mobile device to my pc but it was unsuccessful due to Android-Mac incompatibilities…

Does anyone know how I could resolve this?

Thank you!

Doesn’t look like a Netlify issue. You’re connecting to localhost:

Thank you for your response. I just run the server again and used the netlify deployed link on desktop and no errors occurred. Still, when I open it from mobile, it does not work…
I can’t seem to figure out what could cause that…

You’re still connecting to localhost. This is not a Netlify issue. Please post on a programming forum.

Okay, sorry for misplacing my query