Deployment Failure - How to Determine Netlify Function Unzipped Size?

After months of successful deployments of, suddenly the deployment of my Netlify function fails because of an unzipped size constraint.

I included du -ch output of my site and function folders in the build output to try to see what is going on, but the sizes are less than the stated limit of 262M (I presume that limit is from Amazon).

Build log link with all output:

Can someone suggest what I should actually measure to determine the item’s size that is in violation?

Thanks in advance,

I fixed this issue for myself by reducing my node_module dependency weight for my Netlify functions.

However, there does seem to be a large gap between the size you can measure on disk (du -ch) in the Netlify build, and the size reported as received by the amazon-lambda service in the deploy step. This would be nice to have better insight into for directive measure.

There is also no additional debugging information available on the amazon-lambda service deploy from the netlify build side, even with the NETLIFY_BUILD_DEBUG flag set in the environment.

Hi @localnerve,

This is a new feature in test which is possibly why the logging is not well developed yet. Fun fact, we as Support team have already asked for this to be possible and it’s being investigated on the best way to achieve this.