Deploy Previews: New Dock UI, Embed Figma and Notion files in comments, and Jira integration

:sparkles: New Dock UI for Deploy Previews

Netlify is always collecting feedback and experimenting to improve your user experience. :netlisparkles::test_tube::microscope: :woman_scientist:t6: :netlisparkles:

Recently, we tested a new Dock UI for Deploy Previews and observed nearly 4x more Netlify Drawer engagement versus our control! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Now, we’re rolling this new design out for all users. We’re hoping this change makes our collaborative Deploy Previews features even more convenient.

Here’s what it looks like :point_down:

If the Dock UI is interfering with some elements on your site, you can collapse or dismiss it altogether until your next page refresh. Here’s what it looks like when collapsed:

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 4.26.43 PM

:speech_balloon: Embed Figma and Notion files in Deploy Preview comments

We’ve also released a minor improvement to the activity feed of the Netlify Drawer. :wrench:

Now when you paste a link in a comment to tools like Figma, Notion, or other third-party services, we’ll show the file or issue name and app logo to make it clear what’s being linked. In the case of Figma, Netlify will even embed the file inline for you.

Here’s an example :point_down:

:bug: Create bugs and issues in Jira right from your Deploy Previews

Finally, we just announced a new integration with Jira for Deploy Previews. :handshake:

Now you can create Jira tickets and share feedback to Jira right from Deploy Previews. You can enable this Jira integration by visiting the Integrations tab in the Netlify Drawer.

With this new integration, your team can submit new issues to Jira right from the Netlify Drawer when they discover bugs or want to propose new features. :sparkles::bulb: :raising_hand_woman:t4: :sparkles: