Joining request to provide more info

The collaborative preview draw allows users to request Team membership in order to collaborate.

As our previews are public we have had a couple of requests to join but have no idea who the random emails might be. Could the request option include a field for the OP to state who they are and why they want to join?

Hey there, @slim :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out! You have provided a lot of great feedback lately. I want to confirm that I have filed a feature request and shared this with the appropriate team.

Hey @slim,

Quick follow up question from the team that built this. When you they say that your collaborative deploy previews are open, do you mean that your project repo is public? Or is this something else?

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Hi @hillary thanks for all your responses

I tried dragging the bottom drawer with no effect. Will explore again when at desktop.

All the w3c repositories are public and I added the netlify badge to each README to give quick access to the previews from the repo. I’m assuming but doesn’t that mean anyone can easily request review access?

Another oddity with our setup is that all the non preview builds (eg main branch) are actually Previews with a nice uri. The live site is built in its own repo and severed via github pages and a reverse proxy to mount it in the main w3c website which is served outside netlify. That means potentially we would distribute the main netlify build of a site for review to people who are not team members and currently they would not get the drawer should we start to use it (eg page translators). But the entire site architecture and workload are up for review :slight_smile:

Stepping back, perhaps autoenabling the netlify drawer on pre existing sites was not the best idea given the possibilities of a large number of requests for public sites.


Hey there, @slim :wave:

Thanks so much for following up! My apologies for the delay here.

Something I missed on my end is that the drawer is no longer draggable. This is my mistake for missing this when you first reached out. The announcement in the Forums is here: Deploy Previews: New Dock UI, Embed Figma and Notion files in comments, and Jira integration That being said, the last icon on the far right side allows you to collapse it, so you can collapse it as an interim work around or also dismiss it entirely until you refresh the page! I know this isn’t entirely what you asked for.

Regarding public previews, anyone with a link to the deploy preview can request to edit. That is outlined here: How to Use Collaborative Deploy Previews with Netlify. A workaround for this would be turning off the ability to request access, by disabling the “Netlify Drawer”: Netlify App.

Again, I have filed your initial feature request with the team and they are aware of your feedback!

NP @hillary and I appreciate you getting back.

Something I missed on my end is that the drawer is no longer draggable

Yeh, but I kinda except. The issue is it could overlap content (as it does on one of our sites. but minimizing or hiding works. Also I realise accessible dragging is not that simple so can live with it My pref I like all such things on the left edge not bottom.

The announcement in the Forums

I’m of the type (age?) that if it doesn’t happen in my email inbox it’s never really happened. I’m not going to keep logging into yet a forum to look for announcements. I’m already overwhelmed with slack and discord rooms. Then twitter etc etc. Of for RSS again! I realised the dragging was a preview before, but an email update might have been useful.

A workaround for this would be turning off the ability to request access, by disabling the “Netlify Drawer”

Sure. the issue was we have a lot of sites and you turned it on for all of them. Bad move. That should have been off by default for existing or or batch opt-in somehow. Especially as it opens us up to potential spam traffic.

Thanks again.

Consider the issue closed :slight_smile:

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I hear you on this and appreciate the feedback. I will also share the your point about an email update with our team.

As always, don’t hesitate to keep sharing feedback with us! I will count this conversation as closed.

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