Deploy notifications: Add "Deploy skipped" type

Hey team,

For “Deploy notifications” (settings/deploys#deploy-notifications), there are three related states:

  • Deploy started
  • Deploy succeeded
  • Deploy failed

I have a mono repo where Netlify just monitors and deploys a subdirectory. What’s great is that Netlify skips building if that subdirectory doesn’t have any changes.

However, a skipped build is considered a “failed” build in Netlify deploy notification land. For example, this is what our Slack looks like after many changes to unrelated directories:

This is obviously confusing, as it looks like “things in our infrastructure are red.”

I propose a fourth type be added: “Deploy skipped.” What do you think?


Yup, we have an open feature request on this since it is clearly the right thing to do. We’ll update in this thread should things change!

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