Deploy issues please advise

I need advice to debug deploy

Changes on the site has not been recognized, and the “go live” seems to frozen.

I experience these issues since the last update to v 2.25.

I would also appreciate any suggestions.

Hi @richgal,

The URL you have provided is behind a password, can you provide the log?

Hi @obax Olivier,

Thanks for the reply. The log only contains that I cancelled the deploy. As nothing happened…

8:35:05 AM: Canceling deploy

I tried it several times and all logs remained empty…

Few hours earlier I used the 2.12 version of netlify cli and worked correctly, later I updated today to v 2.25 and the final phase of deploy is frozen.

The drag and drop deploy is working via the website.

Just met with a temporary solution. Downgraded the netlify cli to 2.21 and the deploys are working again.