Deploy in prod to several subdomains


I have a website that I deploy (with different settings) on several subdomains in one build.
Unfortunately for now the only way I’ve found to do this is to have one “deploy --prod” and the other ones without “–prod” but with an “alias”.
But then I can’t choose the right domain it will automatically use the netlify subdomain.

Is there any workaround?

Thanks a lot

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Hi @amaury7 :wave:t6: ,

Can you please give this support guide a read and see if this helps resolve your issue? [Support Guide] Compiled resources for custom domains on Netlify and DNS settings -- start here!

Hi @SamO thanks for your answer!
Yes I’ve been through the documentation already but there’s nothing that talks about deploying in prod to several custom subdomains unfortunately…

The other option would be to create separate sites and deploy to each of them individually using --prod. You can then set a custom subdomain on each of those.

Yes that’s what I was trying to do actually that’s probably the best solution indeed!
Unfortunately the deploys stopped working as well as you can maybe see in my other claim to the support?

If you’re talking about this:

I have answered that.