Assigning a subdomain for Netlify deployments


Is it possible to set up Netlify builds to deploy to an automatically generated domain name that’s a subdomain of our own domain, as when using Netlify subdomains?

So, for example with we’d like Netlify deployments be assigned to subdomains of e.g.

What’s the process for setting this up?

Can we delegate control of only while continuing to use the current DNS provider and management practices with the rest of

Hey @mrslump,
When you deploy on Netlify, each deploy is assigned a unique, automatically generated name in the format [long-hex-string]--[your-netlify-subdomain] However, the name is not a subdomain of your custom domain. But it is available even after you’ve created new deploys and published new versions of the site. Here’s a bit more about how our deploys work:

To your second question, if you are hosting your DNS elsewhere, that is completely workable with your Netlify site, even with a custom domain. You don’t need to delegate your nameservers to us- just create a CNAME record at your DNS host pointing to your Netlify site. Do you want to take a look at our docs and let us know what follow-up questions you have?