Deploy always fails (never actually starts?)


My site is at peaceful-jackson-aea42f and deploy always fails.
My simple static site is built with Eleventy and this works fine on local machine.
Push to Github triggers the deploy on Netlify, but the deploy never happens.
Triggering the deploy manually from the UI (with clear cache) gives the same result.

The deploy log shows Netlify’s robots are busy building and deploying your site to our CDN. and the Deploy log section on the page shows nothing in that black section except for that one character chaotic | character (or whatever to call it) and so I have no clue to what is happening and failing.
I’m stuck, please help.

The last succesfull deploy was Dec 2022, and I haven’t initiated deploys since then, until Feb 2024 and that failed as described here, and so have all deploys after that.

When I click Cancel Deploy after several minutes, the UI shows:

Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 14.08.51

I’v checked the Site config, build & deploy settings and it looks fine.
My netlify.toml has the Build command and Publish directory:

  publish = "_site"
  command = "npm run netlify-build"

Hi, @aaronpeters. This is the current deploy of that site:

That is a deploy from July of 2021 (not 2022). There were no successful deploys in 2022 at all.

To troubleshoot, the first step I would recommend is relinking the repo. That can be done by using these instructions:

However, in the last step, instead of linking to a different repo, select the existing repo again and then trigger a new build. If that workflow fails to build successfully, please let us know.

I was reading the list of deploys wrong and now see on page 2 that July 2021 deploy with the Published label.

I followed your instructions for unlinking and linking the repo again and BOOM, it’s all good:

Build time: 34s. Total deploy time: 36s

:pray: :smiley:

Hi, @aaronpeters. I’m not sure why it wasn’t working but relinking repos is always the first troubleshooting step as it fixes most problems (not all but most). Glad to learn it is working now!