Customising CMS Styles

Hey CMS people! So I’ve been on and off with this little project whereby I have ended up digging deep and to style the CMS (Make it mobile responsive), add headers, change colours etc. While it seems to be working I just wondered… am I missing something or is this the only way currently? I’m directly accessing classnames created by the cms and sometimes very specifically nesting down selectors if the cms were to update and change a classname or structure it would probably break haha.

Has anyone else significantly styled their CMS?

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+1 for this!

Yea, me too mate that’s the only way I thought to go about it.

Hi @AaronP and @kylesloper, that’s the way to do it at the moment. Also see Make the CMS work for mobile (responsive UI) · Issue #441 · netlify/netlify-cms · GitHub.

Theming support is discussed as a part of Improve The Overall UX · Issue #2557 · netlify/netlify-cms · GitHub - still work in progress though.